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Dollfie Dream Moe

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Первомайские фото доллфи

Первомайские не потому, что посвящены празднику "мир, труд, май", а из-за того, что сделаны сегодня 1-го мая ) Нашел рядом с домом цветущий куст чего-то-там ну и вытащил своих красавиц в кимоно для фотографирования. За неимением сакуры обойдемся и этим. Надеюсь, я вам не надоел )...

blackmercury | | 01 мая 2014

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Куклы и Новый год (фотоистория)

После того как мои труженицы нарядили елку они принялись ждать наступления той самой ночи, когда приходит Новый год. И вот на календаре и часах появились заветные цифры, а по телевизору показали кремлевские куранты Ая: "Михо, быстро беги к елке и проверь, не появились ли подарки, а может...

blackmercury | | 11 янв 2014

аватар поста:

amiami birthday loot

The other day a big package from amiami arrived. I made this order with my birthday money, it mostly contained figures that I've been meaning to get but skipped because I couldn't afford them, and this. I also got a Madoka desk mat. I was expecting it to be plasticy but it is actually made...

mu597 | Фигурки и куклы | 01 сен 2011

аватар поста:

Dentist Trip Loot!

Today I went to visit my dentist. Some of my teeth were bothering me and it turned out I had cavitys, He fixed me right up. This dentist is a bit far away but is worth the trip as he is really good, But my favorite part is he is located near two of the best record shops I've ever been to Park Ave cd...

mu597 | Личное | 15 мар 2011

аватар поста:

From Russia With Love

Today I received a rather large and mysterious package from Russia. Moe and my HoiHois decided to help me open it. (btw in this first picture you can also see my “massive” gaming setup) The HoiHois cutting it open. After opining it I learned that it contained four wrapped presents and a le...

mu597 | Личное | 23 янв 2011

аватар поста:

Moe's new outfit

As I said in a previous post I was waiting for another package. This package was a new outfit for Moe. It arrived earlier this week but I was only able to get around to take pictures today. Enjoy!

mu597 | Фигурки и куклы | 08 янв 2011

аватар поста:

Computer Troubles :(

This week ive been having lots of problems with my computers. It started this early this week with my Windows laptop that suddenly couldn't connect to the internet. Turned out that it had a bad computer virus. A virus scan fixed that. Next is the worst of the three my Mac laptop. (This is...

mu597 | Личное | 06 июн 2010

аватар поста:

A ThreeA day!

A little earlier i was a little disappointed that i didnt get anything interesting in the mail today until these guys arrived! I couldn't help myself and ended up ordering 2 more random squares. This doesn't bother me that much due to the slight differences in paint. I especially like the...

mu597 | Фигурки и куклы | 21 апр 2010

аватар поста:

Updated My Profile

I just updated my profile information and thought i'd share the full size pictures. Medicom Gyro Zeppeli Medicom Thomas Bangalter This picture is a size comparison between figure scales. and the original with moe she's too big and makes too much empty space. :P...

mu597 | Личное | 16 мар 2010

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