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Aya Kagura Morning Coffee Ver.

Aya Kagura Morning Coffee Ver.
01 фев 2011 00:03:08

For now on Im going to try to make a blog post every time I receive a new figure even if I don't have too much to say (like today) I'm a figures maniac so this could lead to a lot of posts.

Anyway today I received my Aya Kagura Morning Coffee Ver I bought her from one of Eld's figure sales (she was packed quite nicely by the way) She is an OK Figma not as nice as the regular version of her. The accessories aren't too interesting (the main extra is the game) And for some reason it seems unlike most female Figmas her panties are not removable, Youd think that would be a selling point of a figure like this...

Extra picture.

For some reason (probably the closed eyes) her embarrassed face reminds me of Yachiyo from Working.

You knoe who needs a Figma...
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figma Billy Herrington Christmas & New Year Ver
figma Billy Herrington Christmas & New Year Ver
figma Aya Kagura Morning Coffee Ver.
figma Aya Kagura Morning Coffee Ver.
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KururuSouchou (USA)
01 фев 2011, 01:54:40
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But only if Poplar gets a Figma first. And bootleg-Sanji, so I can use him as a replacement for the can-never-have Figuarts Sanji.

Although Inami can get nothing, for all I care.
mu597 (USA)
01 фев 2011, 03:27:01
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Knowing Maxfactory if we get any figures from this anime Inami would be the first to get made.

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