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figma Reimu Hakurei

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Figma Sakuya

Today I received my Figma Sakuya today. Sakuya is my favorite Touhou Project character, besides the whole her powers being a reference to Dio from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure She is my favorite character to play as in the games that actually work on my computer. I got her from Mandarake for the great p...

mu597 | Фигурки и куклы | 22 мар 2011

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Figure Defects, and some Drunken Kaiju

Hey, everyone! You remember how one of the items from the Amiami loot in my last blog was an ULTRA-ACT Ultraman? Well, it turns out that the figure's defective. The waist joint is so floppy, the figure can't even support its own weight. The superglue trick didn't fix the problem, either. At t...

KururuSouchou | Фигурки и куклы | 07 июл 2010

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No mail in the last two days...have a taking my frustrations out on Dickeido comic.

Kajico | Фигурки и куклы | 04 мар 2010

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