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Fate T. Harlaown Swimsuit Ver

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Some Figure Lovin' Around Valentine's Day

Katsucon is not for for a few more days (and I'm definitely looking forward to it, although scheduling situations could affect my first go-round on Friday). However, I'm still getting figures before the con starts. As you've seen in my photos, I received the Hatsune Miku Append Nendoroid recently:...

ToonAddict | Фигурки и куклы | 15 фев 2012

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Katsucon 16 Loot

Following in the footsteps of pluvia33, who wrote a journal entry on his trip to Ohayocon (and his trips to the Dealers' Room), I decided to share my experience at a convention's Dealers' Room. For me, the convention of choice this time around is Katsucon, an annual event in the Washington, D. C. th...

ToonAddict | Фигурки и куклы | 15 фев 2010

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