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Summer Wedding: Hiiragi Kagami

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Belated Purple Heart Blog Post, Heh

I apologize for being late here. My plan was to combine this blog with another figure. However, with the Snow Miku 2012 Nendoroid currently being delayed indefinitely (I haven't got refunded yet as I paid via Paypal, so I'm assuming that the figure will still be released), I might as well get this b...

ToonAddict | Фигурки и куклы | 11 июл 2012

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Anime USA 2011

Sorry if this is later than usual, but with my mind on other things (i.e. frustration over manga that I'm following, the recent episode of a certain show that I'll bring up later in this post), it took a while before I can start this. With my ass now in gear, lets talk about Anime USA 2011... GOO...

ToonAddict | Япония и отаку-культура | 26 ноя 2011

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