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Kirisame Marisa Rev. Tokiame

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Ordinary Magician

Всем привет. Мне внезапно захотелось немного откосить от учебы написать об одной из своих старых фигурок - Kirisame Marisa Rev. Tokiame от Kotobukiya. Купила я её три года назад на AmiAmi (состояние - A-/C, без бонусов), хотя в моей совсем маленькой на тот момент коллецкии (шесть фигурок) уже был...

Kumori | | 26 дек 2016

аватар поста:

It's here!

I finally received it this morning at around 8. I was fairly groggy at that point, so kinda just received it and left the box in the kitchen. Was busy throughout until later in the night, but once I got started taking pictures it was pretty hard to stop. I kept taking pictures until I fil...

Eld | Фигурки и куклы | 01 янв 2010

аватар поста:

Guess what came in my mailbox before christmas!

I received a package from AmiAmi yesterday, and decided to do a quick photoshoot of these gems contained inside. Marisa's surprisingly everything I expected from a quality Touhou figure and more. So glad I shelled out cash for this. It took a bit of carving here and there to make sure every...

Eld | Фигурки и куклы | 23 дек 2009

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