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Nendoroid Petite Fate/Stay Night: Saber Excalibur Ver.

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Вчера на работе проверяла почту и наткнулась там на уведомление о том, что посылка от Leitenant доставлена ко мне на почту!! А за ней следом оповещение о прибытии извещения на толстовку с символикой шингек Остаток рабочего дня считала буквально по минутам, даже номера посылок выписала, чтобы домой...

AomiKaien | | 19 ноя 2014

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Palm-top Saber and other prizes

As some of you may remember, I won a couple of prizes in MyAnimeShelf’s summer lottery. Thing is, I was the last one to actually get them, which is peculiar considering that I live nearer to Glory than all other lottery winners . I’ve got a chance to get my prizes on the Shelf’s Moscow meeting th...

usagi_joou | Фигурки и куклы | 07 ноя 2010

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Fate Stay Night lottery prizes

I've just uploaded a small photo session of the newest Fate Stay Night Nendoroid Petite Set (by Good Smile Company). Yeah, exactly the same figurines we'll be giving away as summer lottery prizes. Off course you will get new and unopened ones :) But for now you can check the pics in order to decide...

Glory | Фигурки и куклы | 15 авг 2010

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