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Real Action Heroes Hei

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Dye Stain Removal on RAH Figures

Hello everyone! I recently completed some "dye" removal efforts on two of my RAH figures, so figured I'd share the outcome so you can determine if this is something you'd like to try or not. First of all, as mentioned in large bold text above, I HIGHLY encourage you to read this BEFO...

Stacycmc | | 08 окт 2018

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Фан-клуб Титанов

Нщ минна! Я сегодня молодец. Поборола лень и отфоткала новый пост с бложик. Да именно так, слов практически не будет - онли фото! Всем спасибо за внимание! 9-ти этажки - это титаны 35м класса! P.S.

bee | Фигурки и куклы | 10 авг 2013

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Darker than Black - Hei R.A.H. figure

Hello, minna-san! I finally got my long-awaited figure of Hei from Darker than Black. I'm not very fond of action figures, but this is really amazing Though buying him affected my wallet badly, I'm not regretting it at all. These damn exclusives! I hate the fact that manufacturers are tend to ma...

Avantasy | Фигурки и куклы | 23 фев 2011

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