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Японское имя: ウーゴ
A djinn that is the keeper of the Sacred Temple and despite not being contracted with Aladdin, it can be summoned by his flute. Although he has a huge body, his head is in a different space. Hence, his head does not come out from the flute. Although it is unclear of what his powers are, he specializes in hand-in-hand combat when he is materialized. He also uses heat magic in both of his hands to deliver a deadly blow when faced with a formidable enemy. He has an extremely shy personality, causing him to blush profusely whenever a girl touches him. In order to overcome this weakness, he becomes used to being touched by Morgiana. Ugo's body is ultimately destroyed while fighting Kougyoku, with his living head still residing at the sacred temple. Later he summons Aladdin's spirit to the Sacred Temple to entrust him with the "Wisdom of Solomon" before bidding farewell to him.


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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Season 1 TV 25 8.1 8.11
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Chizuru (Russia)
13 апр 2013, 19:54:57
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Требую бюстик Юго-куна! У него ведь такое милое лицо

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