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Houtsuin Yamato

Японское имя: 峰津院大和
Date of Birth: 10 June
Age: 17
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 59 kg

Yamato's family created JP's and have led it for generations to protect Japan. It is revealed that his status as part of the Hotsuin family has deprived Yamato of a regular childhood and he has little knowledge about civilians. He didn't attend school and has already learned college level education ever since he was a child.

He has a calm composure when making decisions and deciding on actions while fighting the mysterious invaders. He has great leadership abilities, is smart, decisive and effective, but lacks common sense about “unnecessary” things that his parental figures never taught him about. He can say cruel truth and make cruel decisions without feeling bad because he has no concept of compassion taught to him. Due to his upbringing, he views the worth of individual's value from their achievement rather than artificial concept like money and power and developed belief that there is no future for the weak, so the strong ones must take the lead. He has pride in his family name and unable to accept that the current world that he viewed unworthy of being protected by his family.

Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe


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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Trading Rubber Strap: Houtsuin Yamato

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