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Mitarashi Anko

Японское имя: みたらしアンコ
Anko Mitarashi is the examiner for the second phase of the Chunin Exams. "Anko" and "Mitarashi" are ingredients in dango, which happens to be her favorite food. Anko is easygoing, tomboyish, and sometimes hyperactive, making a dramatic entry through a window ahead of schedule. In the English dub, she speaks like a drill sergeant might, referring to the testees as "maggots", and clearly intimidating Naruto. The bodysuit she wears is a customized garment made of metal mesh. Anko is a former student of Orochimaru and was one of ten children to be branded with the Cursed Seal of Heaven. Because Anko was the only survivor, the seal was determined to have only a 10% chance of survival. Because she lacked the lust for power and vengeance needed to fuel the seal, Orochimaru wiped her mind and left her in the Land of the Sea. Although she had long believed that he abandoned her because he lost interest, revisiting the country during one of the anime's filler arcs allows her to remember that she chose to leave him instead after realizing that he did not truly care for her.

During her time with Orochimaru, Anko learned several of his techniques, such as the ability to summon snakes. She was also taught how to use the Twin Snakes Mutual Death Technique (双蛇相殺の術, Sōjasōsai no Jutsu?, Viz "Twin Snakes Kill Each Other", English TV "Twin Snake Sacrifice Jutsu"), which calls forth two snakes from her sleeves to bite the wrists of her and her opponent, killing both via the venom that enters their bloodstream. She attempts to use this ability on Orochimaru when they meet during the Chunin exams, though he is easily able to avoid it and escape.

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