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Goetia Barbatos

Японское имя: バルバトス・ゲーティア
Game Tales of Destiny 2

Race Er'ther
Weapon Axe
Japanese Voice Actor Norio Wakamoto

Barbatos Goetia is one of the primary antagonists in Tales of Destiny 2.

Hailing from the era of the Aeth'er Wars from the distant past, Barbatos seeks to rewrite history in his favor, so that he would be viewed as a hero surpassing the fame of the Swordian Masters.
Barbatos has been resurrected by Elraine to kill Stahn and his allies, to ensure that they will not interfere in her plans to make everyone worship Fortuna. Not only does he wield a large axe with proficiency, he also has an array of devastating techniques and powerful spells to aid him in battle.


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Tales of Friends Rubber Strap Collection Vol.4: Barbatos Goetia

Rubber, Kotobukiya

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