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Японское имя: シバ
The apparent leader of the Hachishoujin as well as a member herself. She serves Kokushou without question and is in fact, the clone of the late Tsuzaki Shizuka. In the anime, she pilots a black Moribito Type-01, but in the manga, she pilots the Kiribito Core (and thus possibly the Kiribto Zai as well, but that has yet to be revealed.) During the Lost Years arc, Shiva pilots the jinki called Black Rondo. In this arc, Shiva is gravely wounded in combat against Ogawara Ryouhei in the Moribito Type-0, suffering severe damage to her reproductive organs. Whether or not these injuries will have any effect on the plot or story is unknown, although a comment made by Yao after he rescues Shiva suggests this. According to official sources, "Shiva", is the correct spelling of her name, though the more popular version "Shiba" is used by many fans.

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