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Saji Genpou

Японское имя: 左慈 元放
* Manga version

A mysterious man with blond hair and a light tan, his real identity in Ouin Shishi. One of Ryomou's oldest friends he has feelings for both her and Ryofu. However, he is a complete womanizer. His goals are uncertain as are his rank and power but he is easily an A-rank. One of his goals was to remove Toutaku from power. He is one of the Four Devas of Nanyo.

* Anime version

He is more sinister in the anime than in the manga going so far as to have Kannei murder Enjutsu which drove him insane in order to take control of Nanyo for himself. He has the power to hypnotize and mind control humans and treated them more as pawns than friends. He is more obsessed with Toutaku's demise as well and tried to control Hakufu but failed when Toutaku took over. He resolves to atone himself afterwards and has secluded himself in the mountains somewhere. He reappears stopping Koukin from travelling to Kyosho to stop Hakufu from fighting Kanu. When he returns he already goes back to his womanizing ways by flirting with Ryomou, Ryubi, Chouhi and Bashoku at separate points in the anime. He and Ryomou defeat Myosai at the Battle of Chibi. He returns to his womanising ways again at the end of the series.

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Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny Season 2 TV 12 6.85 6.83
Ikkitousen: Great Guardians Season 3 TV 12 7.11 7.1
Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor Season 4 TV 12 7.16 7.15
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