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Higashikata Josuke

Японское имя: 東方 定助
Appearance/Personality Edit
The protagonist is a tall, muscular man who resembles Jotaro Kujo, but his wardrobe consists of what seems to be a sailor suit. He also has a star-shaped birthmark in his shoulder and (to the astonishment of Yasuho Hirose) four testicles. He also presents diastema. Oddly enough, Yasuho mentions that he bears a resemblance to her dog Josuke.
The protagonist is an amnesiac and as such does not remember his life and personal traits before meeting Yasuho, and sometimes becomes nostalgic about this. He is very serious and a detailed observer, capable of accurately describing the physical characteristics of any object, including its color, length, and measures.

The protagonist also has a childish ignorance of common things, likely a result of his advanced amnesia. For instance, he favors sleeping underneath a whole mattress rather than bedsheets for its "increased compression". Yasuho is able to use his naivety for comic relief.

JoJo WiKi

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Statue Legend Jojolion: Higashikata Josuke

1/12, PVC, ABS, Di molto bene

Rating: 9 | Comments: 1

Super Action Statue Higashikata Josuke

PVC, ABS, Medicos Entertainment

Rating: 8 | Comments: 0

Statue Legend Jojolion 38 Higashikata Josuke Second Ver.

PVC, ABS, Di molto bene

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