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Harn Kai

Японское имя: カイ・ハーン
Featured in the manga and a small role in the anime, Kai Harn is a wizard-warrior, the second Sorcerer General. She is a master of the ancient Hariken style of swordsmanship and forgotten magic, and her magical skill is greater than that of Sean's. Dark Schneider encountered her in a town where the citizens had been turned to stone, at first mistaking her for a boy with a crush on Sean Ari, and proceeded to taunt Kai with misinformation about Sean's virginity. Using a spell that turned humans into statues, the enraged Kai gained the upper hand in their fight and would have killed DS, had Sean Ari not interfered and stalled her long enough for DS to find out the source god of Kai's magic (Yng Wie, obviously a reference to the musician) and overpower it with the power of his patron god, Black More. On the verge of defeat, Kai summoned a cockatrice to petrify both DS and Sean Ari, only to have victory snatched away as she was injured by the cockatrice. Dark Schneider helped "care for" her wound against her protests, seducing and winning her in the process.

Kai's name is a reference to Kai Hansen from the German metal bands Helloween and Gamma Ray.


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Kai Harn

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Kai Harn

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Kai Harn

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Chara Heroes Bastard!!: Kai Harn

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Kai Harn 1.2 Ver.

1/6, PVC, Orchid Seed

Rating: 3 | Comments: 0

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