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Gabriev Gourry

Японское имя: ガウリイ・ガブリエフ
Gourry Gabriev (Gaurī Gaburiefu?) is a wandering swordsman who meets up with Lina in the first episode of the television series. He accompanies her from then on. He carries the fabled Sword of Light, originally known as Gorun Nova before it came to the Slayers world.

Gourry is somewhat less than scholarly and appears to have memory deficiencies, but his skills as a swordsman are unmatched throughout the franchise and has shown to be nigh unbeatable. He also has excellent skills of observation and can often tell when something is out of place long before anyone else in the group catches on. A characterization of Gourry from his manga profile is "as loyal as man's best friend but not quite as smart." After he meets Lina he decides to become the "little girl's" unpaid bodyguard (despite his disappointment at his charge's lack of development), and they slowly get to know one another. Gourry's kindness (he spares the life of his rival Zangulus on several occasions), loyalty (absolute to Lina) and consideration for others is clear throughout the franchise, but is not as quixotic as that of the Seyruuns'. It has been revealed through interviews that Gourry actually has a rather high magic capacity and has the potential to deal spells in power that rival Lina's, however due to Gourry's faulty memory and disinterest, he cannot remember spells and is thus never uses them.

While Gourry is powerful with an ordinary sword, he is absolutely deadly when armed with his family's magic blade. He is the keeper of the Sword of Light, a mystic weapon whose steel blade can be detached, allowing the use of an alternate blade made of pure, destructive light powered by force of will. The sword can fell lower-ranked demons on its own and absorbs magic. If magic is cast directly on the sword of the light, the sword's power becomes combined with that of the spell. Gourry takes great care of the Sword of Light, and watches it carefully to protect the valuable relic from thieving hands, especially those of Lina herself. Lina often tries to trick him into giving it to her by claiming he already promised it to her, but these are one of the few times where Gourry's less than astute memory is crystal clear. Gourry does allow Lina to borrow the sword in certain extreme circumstances, however.


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1/6, Color resin, Volks

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