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Madobe Nanami

Японское имя: 窓辺ななみ
窓辺ななみ(Madobe Nanami) is a kind of OS-tan based off Microsoft Windows 7. Her name is a wordplay; 窓辺 (madobe) meaning by the window, and ななみ (nanami) being a name derived from a pronunciation of seven in Japanese.
She was first introduced in 2009 September 25th as the promotional character upon the release of Windows 7 in Japan. However, in reality she is not the official character for Microsoft. Her actual title was "自作PC応援キャラクター (self-made computer helper)." Yet, she had a very close relationship with Microsoft that she was "official" without the paper works.
The production was taken on by Windows 7 Mania Office , a group associated with Microsoft and sales agencies for Windows 7. The design was produced by an artist Wakaba and the voices of character were done by singer-songwriter and seiyuu, Mizuki Nana (who also contributes to the character's name).
Without a doubt, her basic model comes from OS-tan. However in this case, she is closer to human with a Windows 7 themed costume.
Special wallpapers and system voices were handed out along with other goods as a bonus in PC parts retail shops to those who pre-ordered Windows 7.
In March of 2010, Nanami's character song "七色ジェネレータ(Nanairo generator)" was handed out on CD as a bonus.
In May 2010, her Anime commercial started to appear in stores of Akihabara.

Nanami's profile:
- She was hired by a PC store called "秋葉野自作商会(Akibano Home-build Computer Company)" as a part time worker and uses twitter to spread the news of Windows 7 every morning.
- She can only be found in stores during promotional campaigns because she is not a store staff.
- Born in April 6th 1992.
- 160cm tall.
- Often called "dojikko" and "natural airhead".
- Her favorite foods include sweet potatoes, milk, and anpan. Her favorite anpan is one using "sakura-an", which is white bean paste mixed with cherry blossom leaves soaked in salt, and colored in pink.
- Lives in Akihabara.
- Lives with her father, mother, brother, and sister (窓辺むつみ, Madobe Mutsumi).
- Has a black cat named Ultimate.
- Mutsumi is a sexy lady with a mole on her left cheek. She is currently in college. - - When Nanami is busy, she uses twitter for her.
- On 2011 she passed the entrance examination of one of universities in Tokyo.

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Madobe Nanami

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15 янв 2020, 11:05:02
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