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Tachibana Izumi

Японское имя: 橘いづみ
A tough and unsentimental girl, the next possible Student Council Vice-President. It is implied that her family has yakuza connections, and she is often seen playing high-stakes games of Mahjong—a game in which she is extremely skilled. Another self-reliant character, Izumi does her best to make her own living through gambling and shuns offers of outside help.


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Родственное аниме:
Kujibiki Unbalance Side story OVA 3 6.29 5.89
Kujibiki Unbalance (2006) Alternative TV 12 6.42 6.18
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SIF Kujibiki Unbalance Izumi

PVC, ABS, Yamato

Rating: 18 | Comments: 1

Tachibana Izumi

1/8, PVC, ABS, Wafudo Ganguten

Rating: 4 | Comments: 0

Palm Characters Kujibiki Unbalance: Tachibana Izumi

PVC, ABS, PS, Tora no Ana

Rating: 2 | Comments: 0

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