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It is questionable what Meso is, because even though the cute, little yellow munchkin with a blue mustache for eyebrows is the mascot of the team, its zipper (located on his back) has opened various times and various other lifeforms have emerged from inside. Meso's usual comment is "Mokyu". It has been known to be extremely violent when threatened, and has an impressive set of fangs and claws. It was found on either a spaceship or in a coffee shop called "Dosukoi Kissa Je T'aime," depending on the club members' opinions.

Voice Actor: Minami Omi


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Big Plush: Meso ver. A


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Big Plush: Meso ver. B


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Plush Mascot: Meso ver. A

plush, FuRyu

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Plush Mascot: Meso ver. B

plush, FuRyu

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Plush Mascot: Meso ver. C

plush, FuRyu

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figma Hananakajima Masaru


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