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A powerful Chinese exorcist, highly skilled in geomancy, usage of seals and flying spears. He travels around China and eventually comes to Japan to seek the yokai who killed his wife and his daughter, and took out his right eye and left three long scars on his face. In his right eye socket now is a magical blue crystal ball used to save his life by his teacher. Hyou initially thinks Tora is the one who murdered his family, but Ushio convinces him Tora is innocent, and Hyou later calms down a little, becoming a valued ally.

Voice Actor: Wakamoto Norio (OVA)
Namikawa Daisuke (TV)


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Родственное аниме:
Ushio to Tora OVA 10 7.5 7.58
Ushio to Tora: Comically Deformed Theater OVA OVA 1 7.09 7
Ushio to Tora Season 1 TV 26 7.9 7.94
Ushio to Tora-2 Season 2 TV 13 8.27 8.4
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Kotobukiya Ushio and Tora One Coin Figure Series: Hyo


Rating: 6 | Comments: 0

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