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Mizar Zeta Syd

Японское имя: ζ星ミザールのシド
Voiced by: Yu Mizushima
He was the first God Warrior to be introduced in the Asgard arc. He was sent to Sanctuary to 'declare' war against Athena. He defeated Taurus Aldebaran with one blow (it was later revealed that a hidden force helped him). Then he went to Japan to kill Athena, he was stopped by Seiya and Shun, and he returned to his country waiting for the Saints to come and fight there. He was defeated by Shun's Nebula Storm in the Valhalla palace. Before his death, it was revealed he always knew about his twin brother, Alcor Zeta Bud, and both he and his parents always regretted having abandoned him, but were unable to do anything in his favor.
He appears in the anime adaptation only.


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Saint Seiya Season 1 TV 114 7.74 7.83
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Saint Cloth Myth Mizar Zeta Syd

PVC, ABS, Die Cast, Bandai

Rating: 2 | Comments: 1

Deluxe Wooden Box Diorama: Vol.13 Mizar Syd

Resin, Wood, YellowBlue93

Rating: 2 | Comments: 2

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