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Some recent stuff

Some recent stuff
04 янв 2012 23:55:53

Recently ive been meaning to write about a bunch of stuff so I think I'll just post some highlights.

I became depressed again feeling really lonely and helpless. However It mostly went away as I've had to mostly focus on preparing to get my wisdom teeth removed (which was today) it was a lot less scary then I thought it would be. My mouth is pretty sore and swollen at the moment. (edit - Oh god I'm getting so dizzy now!)

I got a bunch of new figures recently there are two I manly want to talk about. The new BRS is the first She is really great I love how her overall aesthetics look in person and they fixed the problems I had original BRS's hands that liked to fall out or not grip the sword properly. However there is a new problem with this one that I wanted to share, Iv'e had some of her black pant rub off on to her skin, so be careful with her.

The other figure is Nendoroid Mami She is pretty much perfect as far as nendoroids go. her accessories are all very well thought out. Charlotte is the highlight her "ears" and tale are poseable and her mouth is removable reviling a hole that fits stranded nedno joints so you can recreate her infamous scene. Also Mami's hat attaches with a magnet witch is a nice touch.

On to the anime I "accidently" ended up watching two animes that I originally had no intention of watching. The fist one is Oreimo witch quite surprised me I really enjoyed the initial plot of Kirino secretly being an otaku and her normal friends finding out. I really enjoyed all the characters and how they worked off of each other during this story ark, I wish they had expanded on this looking more into the social acceptance of otakus. However after this story ark It became the typical fanservicey moe anime I especially disliked how Kirino became a very Mary Sueish character (suddenly She is a published writer with an anime adaption?!) I mostly enjoyed Kuroneko (I really liked the scenes of her at home) My favorites of the cast were Manami and Saori mainly because I have a glasses fetish they were fairly simple and never given the time to become too ridiculous.

The other anime is Demon King Daimao witch I haven't finish watching yet its pretty good, but I think the fanservice is way too much at times. (and I like fanservicey things) I do however really like Keena and Korone both are very enjoyable characters.

Also I'm really digging The 2 Bears newest single.

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Nendoroid Tomoe Mami
Nendoroid Tomoe Mami
figma Black ★ Rock Shooter BRS2035 Ver.
figma Black ★ Rock Shooter BRS2035 Ver.
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