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Figure News: An IDOLM@STER machine for your figures

Figure News: An IDOLM@STER machine for your figures
28 мая 2011 02:59:29

Idolmaster fans or fans of interesting figure accessories in general should be interested in this nifty little item. It's a 1/12 scale (making it the perfect size for figmas, figuarts, ect) Idolmaster arcade machine made by wave.

It's a snap together kit (although the level of panting/ stickering required is not shown) and comes with many screens to customize it.

It costs 2400 yen and is available for preorder from most online retailers now. Anyone interested? As a fan of bolth arcade machines and figure accessories I'm tempted myself.
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Jobibi (USA)
28 мая 2011, 18:39:00
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That is pretty tempting. I'll probably end up caving and getting it. I'm starting to really like the idea of having a shelf that's a strip of arcade machines, with lots of figmas gathered around having a good time. XD
no photo
17 авг 2012, 00:12:12
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oooh! that sounds cool@ Love 2 c it when its done :)

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