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Busou Shinki Renge Review

Busou Shinki Renge Review
26 ноя 2010 23:39:11

Sorry about the lack of review last week I didn't really have anything in specific to write about and I just never got around to it.

Anyway today's review is for Renge from Konami's Busou Shinki series of figures. These figures are known for there extremely poseable MMS body's and coming with lots of interchangeable armor parts that can be mixed and matched in any way you can think of. Renge is part of the cheaper light armor series and her design is based on a Nine tailed Fox.

Packaging 8/10
She comes in a well designed box that permanently features the illustration she is based on. All of her meany parts can easily be removed and put back if needed without damaging anything which is always good.

Sculpting 10/10
Overall her sculpt is very sharp and clean looking. She is based on the MMS body (witch works very well for her design) so the only things I would count here are her exclusive parts witch mach up well with the Illustration.

Paint 8/10
There's not to much paint here as most of the parts are simply made in the appropriate colors. What is painted is mostly clean the only problems are that the red on brown highlights are a bit sloppy and the light blue inside her ears is a bit clumpy. But even with these problems she looks fine.

Articulation 10/10
Renge uses the MMS3rd (small) body witch has an impressive amount of articulation that can easily hold any pose you can think of as long as it's not restricted by any armor parts you might be using.

Accessories 10/10
Despite being classified as a light armor she comes with a very nice amount of parts that can work in lots of different ways. This assortment of parts gives her armored and unarmored forms two distinct looks, but you don't have to settle with the recommended configurations. (Mine also came with a set of extra clear parts.)

Price 7/10
At 3990 ¥ she is a bit expensive for a figure of this size hover her amount accessory's help make up for it. You wont feel like you're getting a good deal but you definitely wont feel ripped off.

Overall 9/10
I really like Renge and I'm slowly starting to like Busou Shinki's in general. But the price and slightly sloppy paint keep her away from a perfect score.
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Light ArmorType Devil Succubus Valona
Light ArmorType Devil Succubus Valona
Type Nine-Tails Renge
Type Nine-Tails Renge
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Viridia (USA)
27 ноя 2010, 03:20:04
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Оцени коммент!
Hey mu597 bro, I wanted to ask how is her ability to balance when she's using her claws or putting them together to create the whole "9-tailed fox" bit in the back? Oh boy my explanation of that sounds awful Anyways I was always curious.
mu597 (USA)
27 ноя 2010, 03:45:36
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She stands up fine with the claws. But she dose have some trouble standing up with the "tail clump" however she does come with a stand connector that attaches directly to it.

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