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Figure News: ThreeA Bertie Mk3

Figure News: ThreeA Bertie Mk3
25 ноя 2010 16:17:31

It turns out that unlike I last mentioned there will be more then just two types of Bertie Mk3s juts take a look at the official announcement...

Rothchild Mechanics gives you the hard stiffy! MK3, the final Bertie! Bigger, stronger, and smarter than the previous Bertie, MK3 really brings a sharp advantage to the Earth forces who have exclusive rights to use MK3 in the battlefield. Mode B with its un-matched ballistics can bring the hurt to any situation, easily equaling the mighty Large Martin in the slap department! Mode A with its brutal door to door combat skills make close combat a bitch! The question is, what will Rothchild give the Martians to counter the might of the MK3? What are you up to? You dirty bastard Rothchild!

Enlarge your army at Bambaland this Friday, 26th November at 9-00am Hong Kong time!

Mk3 is nearly 20" tall, fully articulated and lovingly rendered ! Works well with both WWR and WWRp

Available in these load-outs:
Deep Powder - available in A & B mode: $250 usd each
Desert - available in A & B mode: $250 usd each
MERC - A mode: $250 usd each
JEA - A mode: $ 250 usd each

Also available a super four pack containing Deep Powder mode B, Desert Mode B, Merc mode A, and JEA mode A: $940 usd
Deep Powder two pack, containing Mode A and B: $500 usd
Desert Sand Devil two pack, containing Mode A and B: $500 usd

3AA Members have a 24 hour period to order any standard MK3 or set.

*this is a pre-order, MK3 will ship April 2011, these MK3 colorway will not be seen at retail and are exclusive to Bambaland.

And... It turns out that there will also be Night Watch and Day Watch colors available no word if they will be separate or a two pack.

If anyone Is going to try to get any Mk3s good luck and have fun!
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