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Figma Mami

Figma Mami
07 апр 2012 17:36:55

It's been ages since I have recieved a new figure so I was really excited when Mami arrived! I haven't made a blog post in a while as well. I am still trying to get used to my camera, my dad got me 'Nikon D5000 For Dummies' but I haven't fully read it yet > <''

I used a different background (I chose one with sweets to go with a candy witch theme!) but I think it's a bit too busy and doesn't really work well...oh well~

It was a pain to set up the guns! They kept falling >:(

I love Charlotte, she is so cute!

Used the teacup and saucer that came with Kuroneko

I Had to do it!

Sorry if the pictures aren't that great, I hope to get better! Thanks for reading :)
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MirVoc (Ukraine)
07 апр 2012, 17:37:40
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Lumo (Russia)
07 апр 2012, 17:39:39
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
no photo
07 апр 2012, 17:46:41
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Congratulations! Mami is really cute С:
I love her very much!
megumi_vocaloid (United Kingdom)
07 апр 2012, 20:42:50
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Thank you :)
Emily (Russia)
07 апр 2012, 17:54:29
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She's so cute *_*
«К тому же, он безбожный садист. Один неверный шаг с твоей стороны, и он превратится в беспощадного убийцу. Извращенец, кусок дерьма и подонок в одном лице - вот кто он»
mu597 (USA)
07 апр 2012, 18:31:58
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Congrats! She is a wonderful figure.
megumi_vocaloid (United Kingdom)
07 апр 2012, 20:48:06
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Thank you, I can't wait for the others as well!

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