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Look at this!!

Look at this!!
11 июн 2011 16:11:57

I was looking through amiami and saw this!! I want one (poor Mami)

I would get one if i actually had a swimming pool or a massive bath, Scotland has no decent public swimming pools either! The nearest one to where i live there has been people shitting in it, which is enough to put anyone off.

OH OH OH my little Kirino figma should be here next week squuuueeeee! and i am going to paint my bootleg Yuki Miku into Sakura Miku!! I will upload pictures when i am finished!
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norfolk_s3d (Russia)
11 июн 2011, 16:21:17
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>Kirino figma should be here
Keep us posted.
megumi_vocaloid (United Kingdom)
11 июн 2011, 16:39:34
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I will probably make a new post when she arrives and maybe a review (depends if i have the time, it might just be pictures) and thank you for the comment.

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