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Figure Previews and Reveals: Tamashii Nation Nov. 2011

Figure Previews and Reveals: Tamashii Nation Nov. 2011
24 ноя 2011 22:26:48

There will be tons of pics so brace yourself; and you might just need to hold onto your seats and keyboard, yes that many pictures. I might as well just hand Bandai my wallet huh?

Macross Frontier time

ALL 3 group shot

Code Geass:

Almost forgot about chibi C.C.

Tiger & Bunny

SHF Lunatic...

SHF Blue Rose...

SHF Origami Cyclone...

Ao no Exorcist figures

Next few will be a tad random, but nonetheless awesome, I mean hell Vile, Zero, and even Terry Bogard!




Terry from King of Fighters


Bandai is really pushing this line of Haruhi bunny girl mech things aren't they?

Moe gundams

Next up is a huge line of One Piece figures....

All the One Piece figure reveals here

This One Piece figure is noteworthy and very cool...

One Piece chibi figures

Lastly, kamen rider stuffs..

SHF Ankh (complete version)

ORE SANJOU! Finally SHF Kamen Rider Den-O sword form.


Kamen Rider Fourze with elek and fire state

Before I forget; figuarts Zeros of Kenshin himself and Makoto from Rurouni Kenshin

Bandai is really stepping up with neat stuff for 2012; anyone with comments or thoughts sound off your opinions below!
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TomatheSpook (Russia)
24 ноя 2011, 23:02:14
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Оцени коммент!
Bandai is making some great stuff lately!
I have no interest in Tiger and Bunny but this and SHF Blue Rose surely look epic.
About One Piece figuarts: the only complaint I have is their size, if only they were about the size of 1/8 figures I'd so get some of them :<
Секретарша Валлефора.
TomatheSpook (Russia)
25 ноя 2011, 01:33:43
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Оцени коммент!
OR NOT. Went to check user's pictures of One piece figuarts on tsuki and most of them suck. Bandai is bandai after all.
Some of their chibi arts and SHF look pretty ok though.
Секретарша Валлефора.
mu597 (USA)
25 ноя 2011, 01:35:47
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Oh god! KOF figures! I really hope they make a Kula Diamond, I really want a figure of her.

Also what the heck about the kyon's sister figure. She's the character I want a figma of the most, but I don't want her in a bunny outfit.
Viridia (USA)
25 ноя 2011, 06:48:55
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Оцени коммент!
"She's the character I want a figma of the most, but I don't want her in a bunny outfit."

That is exactly how I felt about it; I pretty much said "whyyyyyyy bunnysuit" over and over for a good minute when I first saw it.
Chiaki (Australia)
25 ноя 2011, 09:51:54
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Оцени коммент!
I also do not understand that haruhi mecha bunny suit series. But you know I like mechas, bunnies and haruhi so I don't hate what they did.

Also I absolutely must have one of those moe gundams... Iluvmoe.
Randy (Russia)
25 ноя 2011, 17:23:10
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Оцени коммент!
Very nice!!!!!
Sheryl and Ranka are beautiful!!!

Thanks for the pictures!
mu597 (USA)
26 ноя 2011, 05:20:31
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Оцени коммент!
Some more stuff you may have missed...

Kamen rider torque/ zolda with Magnugiga!

Wacky new versions of the den-o imagin!

And a PSO RAcaseal!
Viridia (USA)
26 ноя 2011, 07:54:39
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Оцени коммент!
Oh I really like that Kamen rider Zolda with Magnugiga pic; thanks for uploading that. I was looking for a close-up of Magnugiga.
Racaseals.... with RED HANDGUN accessory with rare red boxes, and meseta!!! I hope Bandai expands the line to include HUcasts and HUcaseals and the rest of the cast.

Oh those silly imagins....

Also I came across this Abyss Rider SHF.

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