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I wanted to ask if anyone has bought stuff from this site before?

I wanted to ask if anyone has bought stuff from this site before?
09 окт 2011 00:09:19

Hello! to all the good folks that are reading this, I wanted to ask if anyone has bought something from this site before. If so, was your experience buying from them good? bad? or somewhere in the middle?


Also I recently wanted to follow up on a previous blog, on some more interesting songs I've discovered on niconico.

【GUMI】 Cosmos 【オリジナル】

Hatsune Miku Clock lock works

(The clock lock works one is extremely catchy)

This one is just really awesome.

If you have any thoughts about the site or music, please feel free to reply below, and thanks again for viewing this blog.
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mu597 (USA)
09 окт 2011, 06:12:56
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Dat Parappa remix!
Viridia (USA)
09 окт 2011, 06:34:10
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I love Parappa the rapper; kinda odd I found it in a vocaloid playlist off the streaming radio.
mu597 (USA)
09 окт 2011, 07:17:01
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I absolutely love Parappa the Rapper too. It was my first playstation game. (playstation was my first game system as well)
Chiaki (Australia)
11 окт 2011, 01:27:10
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Hey it's been a while! Haven't been as active because I'm stuck studying for my final exams for high school which starts next week!

Thanks for posting up some new songs! Great relaxation from studying ha.

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