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Vocaloid music streaming radio

Vocaloid music streaming radio
17 авг 2011 17:58:02

For awhile now; I've been listening to this streaming internet radio, that plays various vocaloid songs off niconicodouga. Thought I'd share it with you shelfers, as for those who already knew about this site and/or use another streaming radio, here is another site to get your random streaming vocaloid music from.

Personally, I love this site/radio for doing this, occasionally I might come across a song I wouldn't have known otherwise that I like. Anyways the website is:


Below are simple pointers about the site, who are not familiar with the site.

A) This link would take you to the actual niconicodouga upload of that song currently played. Also that link would change according to the song currently playing as well.

B) Keywords related to the song, might be useful if you're looking for a different song by the same artist, songwriter, song name, etc.

(C) The Money of Soul and Possibility Control Click any of those, to play the radio, upon clicking it a window prompt of opening a m3u file should pop up, looking something like the picture below.

Select open in whatever player you use; for example windows media player, itunes, foobar, etc.

Then play, and kick it back, enjoy various vocaloid music.

I also have a few songs I quite enjoyed that I would like to share as well. I have a long list, but here is a couple instead. (I forgot how to add emmbed links or what not through niconico, so going to use youtube instead)

(The 3rd video is a alternative to the 2nd vid)

I really do like a good chorus once in awhile...

Thank for reading this blog, and I hope you'll enjoy the music.
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KsuChopa (Russia)
17 авг 2011, 18:58:37
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MrsSkeeter (Germany)
17 авг 2011, 20:18:27
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Vocaloid radio! OMG the future is now)
Chiaki (Australia)
21 авг 2011, 06:50:08
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Vocaloid! Those songs were amazing and are going straight to my iphone! I'll be sure to try out streaming this when I have free time. The songs I love are the really popular ones.

One embedded video will do but others include:
Last Night Good Night
Aku no Musume (velvet mix)
Wold is Mine
Disappearance of Hatsune Miku



Viridia (USA)
29 авг 2011, 09:21:09
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There is just soooooo many great songs, that are just simply unheard, hopefully this music streaming radio sheds some light on them. I do like the more well-known songs myself, but I look for the remix or variations of them these days. Now for some polka similar to my tastes...

With a little bit of Wowaka's World's end dancehall...

Viridia (USA)
29 авг 2011, 09:05:36
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Somewhat of a minor update, but on step (C) Click any of the play links, but do not click on the play link that has Ogg Vorbis under it.

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