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Testing Out a New Camera

Testing Out a New Camera
13 мая 2013 03:00:29

With me receiving a raise at where I work, I've ended up with some more money in my paycheck, and with this being a slow period ATM (the only known purchases for the coming week are DVD releases), that means I have a lot more money than usual. Hence, when I went my local Staples to help buy a computer for a Mother's Day gift, I began to window shop for cameras (given how the one that I've using for photos here is about to reach the five-year mark in October). After checking various prices online and comments, I eventually decided to order a Samsung ST150F camera at Best Buy, with me choosing to pick it up. After picking it up and charging it up, it was time to take some test photos of my new machine using my collection of figures and plushies. Given how some pictures required numerous shots before I got it right, I'm still learning the ropes in terms of it. However, with a couple of figures on the way, I'll hopefully will have a grasp of the new camera by the pair of cons I'm going to in August (Bronycon and Otakon).

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Utoshi (USA)
13 мая 2013, 05:12:45
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You have really cute figure collection and I love your plushie ponnies

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