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Katsucon 19: The Cosplay

Katsucon 19: The Cosplay
24 фев 2013 05:54:12

WARNING: Due to the amount of pictures that appear in this blog post, it may make take a while for all the pictures to load on slower machines

My Katsucon report continues with the cosplay. Ever since I first started attending the con in 2002, Katsucon has been known to be a popular convention for cosplay, and this year is no exception, with this being the biggest con yet in terms of pictures since I made the switch to digital.

Once again, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was a popular cosplay choice at Katsucon, with me taking a number of pony pictures throughout the convention, starting off with the royal couple (Princess Cadence and Shining Armor) and Queen Chrysalis from the season two finale.

BTW, before anyone asked, I didn't watch the season three finale due to the con (and given what I heard about it, it may have been for the best for me).

The Pyro from Team Fortress 2. Face it: Pyro (as well as The Lovin' Spoonful) have never been the same since this video appeared last year:

Meet the Pyro

A con attendee who needs a wheelchair to get around + Pokemon = A nice interpretation of Snorlax, the Pokemon that's been known to sleep a lot.

From the "Shining" franchise of RPG games, this is Touka Kureha and Clalaclan Philias from Shining Wind (or for those more familiar with the anime version, Shining Tears X Wind).

Usually, I don't take photos of Homestuck cosplayers (as I'm really not into that webcomic). However, I can't help taking a pic of this Dirk Strider cosplayer, given how the cosplay consists of the Dirk dressing up as bizarre Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu a la her music video for PONPONPON.

WARNING: Really Bizarre Stuff

A family of Doctor Who cosplayer, with the husband as the Doctor, the wife as a TARDIS, and their two kids as Daleks.

If you grew up playing the NES like I have, you'd recognize this character. This is Erdrick (aka Loto) from the original Dragon Quest (or as it was called in America, Dragon Warrior).

The second My Little Pony picture of the convention goes to this sexy Rainbow Dash cosplayer. Because Rainbow Dash always dresses in style.

From the world of .hack, here's Subaru as she appears in the manga .hack//Link.

More My Little Pony goodness comes in the form of Pinkie Pie, who is seen here sporting a mustache a la the episode "Spike at Your Service".

Commonn Cosplay: Dressing up as a character from the Disney film Wreck-It Ralph (not surprising, given the number of video game characters in that film and the fact that Japanese group AKB48 sings one of the songs in the film).

Uncommon Cosplay: Dressing up as characters from Paperman, the short that is shown before Wreck-It Ralph.

One of the many things that makes G Gundam so awesome in a campy way: the Stalker (or for those who haven't seen the show, the eye-patch wearing narrator that appears at the start of every episode).

If there's one cosplay that could be considered the best one at the con, it would be Bumblebee from Transformers. Everywhere he went, there were a lot of people trying to take his picture (heck, even the people attending the BBYO conference couldn't resist this photo op).

Even if the game has only been out for a couple of weeks (and pretty much hard to find in terms of a physical copy during that period), Fire Emblem Awakening is quickly being a hit among con attendees as seen by this cosplay of Lucina (that's as far I can go without going into spoiler territory).

Jotaro from the third arc of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. While that arc has already been adapted in anime form via OAV, hopefully the success of the new anime series (which adapts the first two arcs) will lead to this arc getting animated again.

A pair of alchemists that are not from the world of Fullmetal Alchemist. Meruru and Totori from Atelier Meruru. Definitely need to keep my eyes out for the next Atelier game that will come out in America next month (although March is already a bust month for video games to begin with).

My Little Pony cosplay isn't just restricted to just humanized versions of the characters, as seen in this cosplay of Wonderbolts member Spitfire (as seen without the usual Wonderbolts uniform).

Mixing together two cult favorites from cable television, here's Tom Servo from MST3K dressed as Masaharu Morimoto from Iron Chef.

The Saturday cosplay photos kick off with Psylocke from X-Men.

With the circus that is an anime convention, it's not surprising that you may end up seeing some acrobats, or in this case, Layla Hamilton from Kaleido Star.

The My Little Pony cosplay doesn't slow down on Saturday, as seen with this cosplay of Daring Do, an Indiana Jones style character from a series of books that Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash (yes, you read that right) are fans of.

Heck, just like the previous year, there was a group photo shoot of My Little Pony cosplayers on Saturday afternoon. This is one example of one of the photo ops that took place at the shoot: one consisting of the villains (or in this case, a pair of Queen Chrysalis cosplayers, one Discord, and a cameo by Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe).

Paperman isn't the only Oscar-nominated animated short being represented in cosplay at Katsucon, as there's a representative from the truly bizarre 2000 animated short, Rejected.

My Spoon is Too Big

A group of ninjas watching over the fountain area from a tree on Saturday night.

Also fitting in with the nighttime scenery of the fountain area on Saturday night: this alternate color version of Taokaka from Blazblue. In terms of other alternate colors Blazblue cosplay, I did see one of Makoto as well

Wrapping up the convention coverage is something that's not cosplay related, but still rather interesting: it's only been a month since Pokémon X and Y has been announced, and already, someone has made a plushie of that generation's fire-based "starter" Pokemon, Fennekin.
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Dzeta (Russia)
24 фев 2013, 06:23:21
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Оцени коммент!
Wow! So many My Little Pony cosplay =)
ToonAddict (USA)
25 фев 2013, 05:24:01
1 (1)
Оцени коммент!
Just a little warm up for next month, as I'm planning to take a day trip to Cloudsdale Congress, a MLP convention in the Washington D.C. area.
Hidara (Russia)
24 фев 2013, 06:25:45
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Оцени коммент!
Yeeee.... Bronys :3
Продаю РОР фигурки по ван пису, Roronoa Zoro NEO-3, Sanji Edition-Z, Nami Strong Edition Ending Ver. Для подробностей пишите в лс! :3
platina (Russia)
24 фев 2013, 09:26:37
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Оцени коммент!
ToonAddict (USA)
25 фев 2013, 05:26:22
2 (2)
Оцени коммент!
You're not the only one happy to see that cosplay, as I was in line for the Dealers' Room when I saw them, and those who were in line as well were also excited to see this type of cosplay.

Also, congrats to Paperman for winning the Best Animated Short Oscar (the first win that, not including Pixar shorts, Disney has had since 1969).
norfolk_s3d (Russia)
24 фев 2013, 10:29:45
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Оцени коммент!
>Face it: Pyro (as well as The Lovin' Spoonful) have never been the same since this video appeared last year
We would've never guessed Pyro's actually a yandere.

>If there's one cosplay that could be considered the best one at the con, it would be Bumblebee from Transformers.
Wow, that's impressive.

>A group of ninjas watching over the fountain area from a tree on Saturday night.
Did they get to kill any samurai?

Thanks for the post!
Oddy (Russia)
24 фев 2013, 11:29:33
0 (0)
Оцени коммент!
Thanks for very nice photos~
I seriously laughed out-loud, when saw Tom Servo. *__* Yay for nostalgia.
ToonAddict (USA)
25 фев 2013, 05:27:16
1 (1)
Оцени коммент!
Given my con experience, I've seen Servo dressed in other outfits (from Lina Inverse to Edward Elric).
dixxie (Russia)
25 фев 2013, 20:22:08
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