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Wrong Place...?!

Wrong Place...?!
15 июл 2012 04:52:24

Well, there is a first time for everything, right? So, I guess I should take the advice and remember that people on the Earth may share the same emotions. ~*Motivated*~

I, about a week ago, bought a costume wig from eBay and when I went to track the package (first purchase by the way), it was in the wrong city! I was disappointed, seeing it was supposed to come this evening, but, I turned that frown upside down and waited in anticipation for Monday(when it is due to come).

On the other hand, my tablet is being weird and won't work smoothly in Sai. So, I am just leaving it alone for now, haha.

Well... I guess that is all for... this, haha.

Enjoy your evening/day~

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Viridia (USA)
15 июл 2012, 07:14:36
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Hey there!

I've heard tablets acting funny for the Sai program is not uncommon; my tablet is not as responsive when using Sai as well.
TomatheSpook (Russia)
15 июл 2012, 20:05:54
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Hello-hello C:
Oh, I'd recommend stealing another Sai somewhere, there are so many versions of the program, some won't work with tablets, some don't save normally, it usually takes a few tries to find a decent one :D
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