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Figure News: Massive glut of pre-Golden-Week preorders

Figure News: Massive glut of pre-Golden-Week preorders
29 апр 2011 01:18:12

Ah, Golden Week. The week that everyone's tsundere for. On one hand, schools and many businesses are closed for this week of three holidays. On the other hand, traffic increases tenfold as everyone goes to visit relatives at once. Regardless, Bandai, Kaiyodo, Good Smile Company, and others have decided to unleash a massive burst of preorders before Golden Week begins, some of which are complete and utter surprises!

Meduka, what are u doin. Put that coobie down. It will try to make you become meguca, and being meguca is suffering.

As promised by Mikatan, preorders opened for both of the Nendoroids recently featured on the blog, including one Madoka Kaname. The first of what's probably going to be a whole line of Madoka Nendoroids, the titular magical girl includes not one, but two Kyubeys. It's unknown whether or not they'll include two Kyubey heads, but if they do, you'd effectively be able to have double Kyubeys, all the way across your shelf. *shudders*

I would make a "the bigger the gun..." joke here, but that doesn't really work for a female character...

The second Nendoroid to go up for order would be Imuka of Valkyria Chronicles fame. There isn't really an awful lot to say about Imuka that the pictures don't already show.


The third and last of these Nendos would be a reissue of Chiaki Minami, the youngest of the titular Minami family from slice-of-life anime Minami-ke. Originally released in January 2010, she's getting a reissue that'll ship alongside Madoka and Imuka in August.

She'll mongle your cockroaches!

Kotobukiya also opened preorders for a new version of their Pest-X-san kit. In addition to a snazzy new coat of paint, she now includes her Oboro motorcycle, as well as parts to turn it into a turret.

Speaking of motorcycles, FREEing has announced an ex:ride of the cycles from Gantz. This strikes me as an odd choice, given how few people own the Reika Figma (lolexclusives), and this combined with the high price (over 4000Y on Amiami) makes this thing just scream "shelfwarmer." C'mon, Phat, you already have the TRON: Legacy license; give us some ex:ride lightcycles!

I'm holding out for the inevitable Tamashii Web face pack.

Bandai's (many) preorders begin with the next totally-not-a-Nendoroid-guys chibi-arts release, Erika Kurumi of Heartcatch PreCure. Normally, I'd be content with the confirmed three faces, but given that Erika is the undisputed queen of reaction faces, three faces don't do her nearly enough justice.


Speaking of HeartCatch, Bandai also opened the last of the HeartCatch Figuarts, Cure Moonlight. We'll probably see more pictures of her accessories as we get closer to her release.

Open the door, get on the floor; everybody walk the dinosaur...

Preorders also opened for the SHF of Kamen Rider OOO's final form, the PuToTyra Combo. As for accessories, he's been confirmed to come with the MedaGabuRyuu in both tomahawk and gun forms. As usual for Kamen Rider SHFs, he was up for all of five minutes. Amiami and Hobby Search are already sold out, but HLJ has yet to list any of today's items, so they're probably your best bet.

Your move, Max Factory.

Up next would be the S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryuki. Made in a seemingly last-minute attempt to counter Max Factory's Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Figmas, Ryuki includes all the accessories the Figma did, as well as a Tamashii Stage and the DragReder Contract Beast.


This next one is completely out of nowhere - they never showed it at trade shows, in magazines, or anything. Just poof, S.H. Figuarts GokaiRed. Honestly, I'm diggin' this boost in Sentai SHF love - although the other Gokaigers will probably be exclusives. Anyway, Captain Marvelous includes the pictured accessories, as well as a pair of Gunbuster-style crossed arms, the Mobirate morpher with some Ranger Keys, and the Gokai Galleon's steering wheel.

They called him... Skull...

The S.I.C. line is continuing the Kamen Rider W love, with a two-pack of Double's FangJoker form as well as Kamen Rider Skull. Skull includes an alternate Crystal Skull head, as well as the Skull Magnum, Fang Memory (in dinosaur mode), and a briefcase containing a DoubleDriver and Philip and Shotaro's six Gaia Memories.

Just when you thought Oda's art couldn't get any weirder...

Continuing the chibi-arts lineup would be Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece. Luffy includes several wacky accessories, including meat-on-a-bone, a fat belly, and several... unique... faces.

Oh, Zero, with your flowing locks and ample D-cups...

The second Megaman X D-arts release also opened for preorder - Zero is here! So far, his only confirmed accessory is the pictured effect part, but I have a feeling they'll also throw in his sword.

In July, Kaiyodo is bringing Sully and Mike of Monsters, Inc. to their Sci-Fi Revoltech line. Sully includes two faces and Mike as his accessories. I must say, these two look a bit... underwhelming. But the next item certainly makes up for that!

Shiretsu! Gekiretsu! Mouretsu! BIG BANG!

The newest release in the Super Robot Chogokin line is one that's been anticipated for a while - the King of Braves GaoGaiGar is here! And the figure itself doesn't disappoint, with accessories and effect parts galore.

But if that's not enough for you, you can also get an accessory pack containing the iconic Goldion Hammer, as well as a transformed Goldymarg arm.


Both GaoGaiGar and the weapon pack (the first of two, apparently) ship in August.

Anyway, is there anything within this assortment that's caught your fancy? Maybe you're camping for GokaiRed, or excited for the King of Braves? Sound off below!
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mu597 (USA)
29 апр 2011, 04:05:52
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Оцени коммент!
Thankfully I'm not too interested in much of this stuff.

I missed out on the regular Pest-X-san so maybe I'll get this Pastell-X-san.
Viridia (USA)
29 апр 2011, 04:17:50
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Will get SHF Cure Moonlight for sure, sort of want Gokaired and PuToTyra. I really want GaoGaiGar badly. Definitely looking forward to getting that nendoroid Chiaki as a present for a friend.

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