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Figure News SPECIAL: GSC continues to push its Sendai relief fundraiser

Figure News SPECIAL: GSC continues to push its Sendai relief fundraiser
29 мар 2011 22:39:12

Good Smile Company is one of many corporations donating money towards the relief effort for the Sendai tragedy. In addition to its initial donation, GSC plans to sell a special-edition version of its Hatsune Miku Nendoroid, including an extra face and accessories as well as a 1000Y donation to the Japanese Red Cross Society for each one sold. They seem pretty determined to make this campaign a success, as they're airing a TV commercial for the first time in almost a year (the last aired one was for the Black*Rock Shooter PVC).

Featuring the upbeat and frankly adorable Miku song SING&SMILE by Re:nG, the commercial shows off several faces and poses for the figure while displaying a message promoting the campaign (clicky).
You can see the 30-second ad below:

Of course, while every donation helps, there are plenty of ways to donate and help in the Sendai relief. On this very site, you can find a link to the Nippon Foundation's donation page, and the American Red Cross is also accepting donations via a variety of partners.

An enhanced reissue of a popular figure, shipping internationally for the first time in GSC's history, with a third of the proceeds going to the Japanese Red Cross. Personally, I don't think it gets much better than that - while Nendoroid Miku might have a slightly derpy face IMO, I still plan on getting one of these. Anyway, how do you feel about this campaign? Sound off below!
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norfolk_s3d (Russia)
02 апр 2011, 14:33:24
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Оцени коммент!
I wonder why won't Japan sell some doujinshi the same way?
Could help more people that way I guess.

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