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Figure News: It's showtime for Max Factory

Figure News: It's showtime for Max Factory
26 мар 2011 01:51:22

The Big O was one of the shows that got me into anime, and I still have a soft spot for it to this day. So you can guess how excited I got when I saw these gems on the new-items lists at the usual stores.

That's right, the Figma of R. Dorothy Wayneright is now available for preorder! For those unfamiliar with the show, Dorothy was the taciturn, cynical assistant of main character Roger Smith. But if you look closely, you might see that something's a little... off about her.

Looks like she... *puts on sunglasses* ...is keeping an open mind.

Yup, Dorothy's actually an android (or a gynoid, to you sci-fi nerds out there). Max Factory decided to bring Dorothy's dry wit and indifferent attitude to the figure by keeping her trademark blank face. Like Figma Yuki Nagato, though, she does include a second face with her looking to her right.

Those who despise will continue to despise?

And many people (myself included) were concerned about her skirt limiting her articulation. Well, thanks to a neat system of rubber and multiple layers, her skirt allows for a huge amount of motion (by Figma-skirt-standards).

As far as accessories go, there's the usual Figma hands and stand, as well as an alternate face and the disc-drive-bangs. But that's not all she includes, as you can see here. There's a mop, for all your Figma-meido needs. But wait! It's articulated! I REPEAT, THE MOP IS ARTICULATED. You can have it flailing about as Dorothy swings it like a cyborg sweeper-assassion, or just have it dangle limply like, well, a mop. And a certain someone has also snuck in...

...Yup, they even threw in Perro! This ironically-named feline was the focus of Act 08, 'Missing Cat.' All I can say is, the more Figma-scaled animals, the better! After all, a cat is fine too. But let's take a break for a moment to focus on another Max Factory product...

The third Megadeus, Big Fau, is getting a sofubi (soft vinyl) figure! While some may scoff at the 95000Y price tag, you have to consider a couple of things. First off, it was made to be in scale with the Max Gokin Big O (due out next month, IIRC), which is freakin' huge. Nearly twice the size of a Soul of Chogokin, or about the size of three or four Figmas standing on each other's heads. Secondly, it's unusually detailed for a sofubi - it has more details than many scale figures. They even threw in clear parts for the cockpit details. Anyway, the Big Fau sofubi ships in July.

The Big O has gotten a lot of love from Max Factory lately, so I'll list the confirmed releases.
-Max Gokin Big O (April)
-Sofubi Big Duo (June)
-Figma R. Dorothy Wayneright (June, probably July knowing GSC)
-Sofubi Big Fau (July)
-Figma Roger Smith (no date given)
-Figma Norman Burg (no date given)
-Figma Jason Beck (no date given)

Now, one final tidbit. It's been rumored that the four Figmas are all going to include bonus parts for the Max Gokin Big O. If the rumors are true, Dorothy and Roger will each come with one piece for the O-Thunder attack, and Norman and Beck will each include a part to recreate the mecha's Final Stage. However, neither the GSC site, the Figma blog, nor any of the retailer listings for Dorothy mention these parts (it was originally reported in a hobby magazine). At this point, it seems like they're either planning to surprise us (like now Nendoroid HMO Miku included a bunch of previously-unmentioned accessories), or the one-part-per-Figma plan has been abandoned (and they're gonna release a parts pack or something). I have a feeling it's the latter - including parts for another 3000Y Figma is an easy way to nab a few impulse-buys, but the same can't be said for a 30000Y chogokin.

When you think about it, The Big O was a really, really unlikely choice for the Figma line to make. It's rather obscure in Japan, and has an extremely Western artstyle (looking more like Batman: The Animated Series than the KyoAni fare the line's used to). This strikes me as an attempt to appeal to the international audience more than anything (not that that's a bad thing; I for one am ecstatic about this). So how do you feel about these developments? Do you think Max Factory should continue branching out (like they have with The Big O, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and Robocop of all things), or stick to what they've perfected? Sound off below!
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Viridia (USA)
26 мар 2011, 06:23:10
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I too feel the same way about figma Dorothy, definitely going to preorder this. I remember when Big O first appeared on toonami and enjoyed it whole-heartedly since. I also love the irony of naming a cat, "Perro".
Kajico (USA)
26 мар 2011, 15:05:27
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"looking more like Batman: The Animated Series"
Hehehe blame Sunrise since they worked on both series.

I preordered her the moment she went up, I'm hoping that by the end of the year I have a bit saved up for Max Gokin Big-O as well.

I want MF to branch out, what I want MF to do is somehow grab license Bandai has, like Precure. Bandai will never make casual versions of Precures, and I want a casual clothes version of Erika with 100 face swaps.
KururuSouchou (USA)
26 мар 2011, 16:05:02
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Precure, unfortunately, is one of those properties that Bandai's extremely protective over (mainly because, like Super Sentai and Kamen Rider, they provide a big chunk of the funding for its production). The only way Max Factory could get it is if a company were to make an international localization (even a plain dub like Funimation does would be fine), and they were to get the license specifically for the foreign version - that's how they were able to get Kamen Rider Ryuki. But using the same trick, they could easily go after one of the Power Rangers series to make Sentai Figmas - I'd personally love them to grab Power Rangers: Samurai, so I could get a team of Shinkengers without dealing with Bandai's LOLEXCLUSIVE attitude.

I think the most plausible thing to happen for Erika would be for Bandai to make a Tamashii Web-exclusive face pack for SHF Cure Marine - I know that would certainly make me buy both that and SHF Marine.
TomatheSpook (Russia)
26 мар 2011, 17:43:52
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Still can't find time to check the big O, however I really like character design, and this figma looks awesome to me, I hope to get it *з*
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Vivi (Russia)
28 мар 2011, 04:25:07
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Usually I didn't buy figmas, but I'm considering to get this one *_*

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