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Figure News: Catching up

Figure News: Catching up
03 мар 2011 03:18:52

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of articles over the last week or so. I came down with the flu, which complicated things. Anyway, updates will be resuming as usual now, but I'll list the new items that went up for order and were released while I was gone.

New Preorders

-Sherlock Shellingford, Anime ver.
-Riela (Valkyria Chronicles 3)

S.H. Figuarts
-Kamen Rider Birth*
-Kamen Rider Shadow Moon*
-Kamen Rider Black (reissue)*
-Kamen Rider Black RX (reissue)*
-Cure Sunshine
-Takuto Tsunashi (STAR DRIVER)
-Beelzemon (D-arts)

-Gamera (1967 ver.)
-Vash the Stampede, Dark Shift Phenomenon ver. (exclusive)
-Iron Man Mk. IV (exclusive)

New Releases

-Kirino Kousaka
-Petit Fuuka Kazamatsuri (bundled with Disgaea 4 LE)

Super Action Statue
-Killer Queen 2nd

-Iron Man Mk. VI
-Allyene 2P ver.

S.H. Figuarts
-ShinkenRed (reissue)*

Super Robot Chogokin/Composite Ver.Ka
-Shinken-Oh (reissue)*
-Suzumiya Haruhi and exoskeleton

-Cure Peach

Items marked with a * sold out in less than five minutes (the Riders went up at 4 A.M., to add insult to injury), so don't feel bad if you missed them. Anyway, I'm sorry for the absence, and I'll see you around!

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Kajico (USA)
03 мар 2011, 14:02:56
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I managed to get in a PO for Shadow Moon at Amiami. Feels soooo gooooood man.

Viridia (USA)
04 мар 2011, 08:45:51
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I love the fact that it is going to have DELICIOUS DIECAST, Birth is also going to have diecast as well.
KururuSouchou (USA)
05 мар 2011, 19:46:09
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Weird, the Tamashii Nations page for ShadowMoon doesn't mention diecast. Although Birth's delicious diecast is making me torn between the OCC and the SHF. On one hand, the OCC includes all the CLAWs for the price of the average large Figma, but it doesn't look as nice. The SHF, on the other hand, is a bit more posable and a lot more detailed, but the CLAWs will probably all be Tamashii Web exclusives, making it impossible to create Birth-DAY for less than $120 or so.
Viridia (USA)
05 мар 2011, 21:47:04
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I got a bit too excited about birth, and merged my thoughts of shadow moon and birth together. What I really meant to type was "Birth will have delicious diecast".

As for OCC and the SHF for Birth, I'm going to get both, see if I can somehow mod OCC Birth's claws and bits onto SHF Birth.

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