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Figure News: Vocaloid Pulips set to terrify or amuse

Figure News: Vocaloid Pulips set to terrify or amuse
11 янв 2011 02:12:41

Once in a while, a company releases something that just makes me ask why. Not even in the "oh, ha-ha, how silly" SSS kind of way, but just genuinely elicits a reaction of pure confusion. Like these.

Are you ready?

Don't say I didn't warn you.

...Actually, you might want to have this playing while you read this article...

Yup, ball-jointed-doll maker Pulip has obtained the Vocaloid license. But Miku isn't the only one getting Pulipized, no. Rin and Len are joining her!

I like how the Len looks more feminine than the Rin.

Now, I do find BJDs a little bit creepy, but I can see the appeal. It's basically a Hot Toys/RAH on steroids, when you think about it. But Pulips just plain creep me the hell out. Are they supposed to be cute? Is this like Nendoroids gone horribly, horribly wrong? But based on the fact that Miku's already sold out, it seems that at least some people think this is cute. Regardless, all three of these abominations are due out in April, for about 10000Y each.

Do any of you find Pulips (or BJDs in general) creepy, or am I just being delusional here? Sound off below!
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Impending_Sky (Russia)
11 янв 2011, 02:36:00
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Pillips and Dals (they are Rin and Len here) are not BJDs (generally we call BJD asian dolls with string inside them that connects all their parts and they have some other differences), they are just....well, articulated dolls
Big-headed dolls have a lot of fans (not only Pullip and Dal, there is Blythe and some else), I personally like Dals, some of them are cute (Pullips are too mature-looking for me, but this Miku is cute though).
Jobibi (USA)
11 янв 2011, 04:43:20
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I like some BJDs, but I don't get the appeal of Pulips either. I usually adblock any image with them in them. :/ The Miku in this instance isn't too ungodly terrible, but Rin and Len are nightmare fuel.
Glory (Russia)
11 янв 2011, 05:37:36
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Emmm... obviously, not my cup of tea.
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
MrsSkeeter (Germany)
11 янв 2011, 15:07:05
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Actually the huge heads creep me out a lot more than pupils))
mu597 (USA)
11 янв 2011, 19:57:49
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At Least the miku isn't as bad as this one This one.

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