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Nendo-corner: news~

Nendo-corner: news~
25 июн 2011 14:22:34

In the japanese version of her blog, Mikatan posted a preview of Nendoroid Petit Fate/Stay Night Extension Set.



Saber Alter


It seems that Berserker isn't part of a set (but maybe will be released as a regular nendoroid?)

Dengeki G's Magazine 2011 Sept. Issue with Nendoroid Petit Erio is available for preorders (but it seems it has been sold out everywhere already =__=')

Also, Nendoroid Petit Hoshino Ruri will be bundles with the next issue of Anime Style magazine
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ToonAddict (USA)
25 июн 2011, 18:11:39
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If the magazine wasn't that expensive (and I knew a place to preorder an issue), I would definitely order the issue with the Ruri figurine.
Jobibi (USA)
25 июн 2011, 18:36:46
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Yeah, I got the feeling that Berserker is separate too. Which is kinda bad for me, as I'm less likely to pick him up this way. There's far too many other things that I'd want more lined up, I doubt I'll find a place for him. :<

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