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figma BRS photo-set

figma BRS photo-set
25 сен 2010 19:09:30

There is one thing I don't like about BRS. It's very difficult to take pictures of it. First goes its fringe which makes it's almost impossible to focus on the eyes. And the second pain in the neck is its coloring scheme. Well, yeah, this breath-taking combination of black garments and nearly white skin drives my camera crazy. Anyways, this morning I dared to make a photo-set of my figma. Can't really say I like the result, but since I spent time on it, I finally decided to upload it.

figma BRS photo-set...
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figma Black ★ Rock Shooter
figma Black ★ Rock Shooter
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a124214 (Russia)
25 сен 2010, 10:21:27
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Great work! Black Rock Shooter is very beautiful. :)
usagi_joou (Russia)
25 сен 2010, 10:35:34
2 (2)
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Great photos, and logo looks right on its place here!
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
platina (Russia)
25 сен 2010, 10:40:55
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Как будто аниме посмотрела *__*
Vivi (Russia)
26 сен 2010, 02:12:21
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Класс! =) Местность ей очень подходит.
Derstin_Lionis (Russia)
26 сен 2010, 06:05:37
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Замечательные фотографии=)
Eld (Canada)
27 сен 2010, 06:55:31
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That last photo looks gorgeous.
Nessuno può emendarsi dal peccato che scorre nelle vene
No one can escape the sin that flows in their veins

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