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Back for a while

Back for a while
28 дек 2010 04:39:14

Mostly because I still need to sell a lot of figures that I no longer have space for :/

Life's a little busy nowadays to take nice sets of pictures for my figures, and this Christmas break is pretty much what I'll have for the next 4 months at least! So I'll have to use this time to get some good pictures of my recent acquisitions as well as the ones I plan to sell off now.

Here's the state of my collection right now:

Crowded, isn't it? (the bottom right is reserved for my upcoming doll. Gotta get some shelf space to properly arrange them. So expect some sort of "Figures for Sale" posting with self-taken pics in the near future!

In the meanwhile, I only managed to sell one figure from my last posting, despite the level of interest I saw in several figures. I'll be happy to accommodate anyone who might be interested in buying those as well, found here:


I'll be putting them on E-bay soon, so hurry if you're interested!

Finally, to finish off my post, a recently-addicted song from an unexpected source:

The only reason I got to know this song is because I came across the picture and got curious enough to search for it :D
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Vivi (Russia)
28 дек 2010, 07:16:10
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Your collection looks great
The bottom right - is it Elsa from E2046?
Eld (Canada)
28 дек 2010, 13:53:49
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Yup. Can't turn her around to display :(
Nessuno può emendarsi dal peccato che scorre nelle vene
No one can escape the sin that flows in their veins
Vivi (Russia)
29 дек 2010, 04:35:04
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From behind she also looks cool ^^ But it's a bit pity that face can't be seen.

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