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Along with my figma and Nendo systematized collections, I occasionally buy bigger figures. Leaving aside my shonen anime Megahouse figures (there is a special shelf for them) I have quite a few, very carefully selected, girls (and boys^^).
Here they are.

Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier

1/8, PVC, Good Smile Company

Покупка: 01 мая 2012, HLJ, 11829¥

I usually don't like such complicated figures. But this one is a must for me. Saber in a suit is something that reminds me of myself when I was very young.

Gathering Rider with Motorcycle

1/6, Cold Cast, E2046

Покупка: 22 мая 2015, Е2046


1/6, PVC, ABC, Movic

Покупка: 29 окт 2007, 6090¥

Real Action Heroes No.499 Rei Ayanami School Uniform ver.

1/6, PVC, fabric, vinyl, Medicom Toy

Покупка: 30 окт 2010, AmiAmi, 15730¥

Kiryuin Satsuki Senketsu ver.

1/8, ATBC-PVC, ABS, Good Smile Company

Покупка: 30 июн 2015, Hobby Search, 9000¥

Спонтанный предзаказ. Опомнилась, а отменять уж поздно)) Надеюсь, она меня порадует)

Female warrirors

Rin Tohsaka Yukata ver.

1/8, PVC, ABS, FREEing

Покупка: 01 мар 2013, HLJ, 8800¥

Mari Illustrious Makinami

1/6, PVC, Max Factory

Покупка: 01 мар 2011, HLJ, 6686¥

Akashi-san bust ver.

PVC, Good Smile Company

Покупка: 01 апр 2011, HLJ, 4114¥

Random girls

G.E.M. Series Hisoka

1/8, PVC, MegaHouse

Покупка: 15 дек 2012, 7980¥

I'm freaking in love with Hisoka. There's nothing I could do. He must be mine

Ikari Shinji & Kaworu Nagisa School Uniform Ver

1/8, PVC, ABC, Kotobukiya

Покупка: 01 мар 2010, 5800¥

Real Action Heroes No.297: Ginko

PVC, Vinyl, Fabric, Medicom Toy

Покупка: 28 фев 2007, 17640¥

Real Action Heroes No.529: Eiji Nizuma

1/6, Medicom Toy

Покупка: 31 июл 2011, AmiAmi, 17800¥

Movie Masterpiece Loki The Avengers Ver.

1/6, Hot Toys

Покупка: 01 апр 2013, 22000¥

Men of my heart

Miki Sayaka

1/8, PVC, Good Smile Company

Покупка: 01 июн 2012, HLJ, 6876¥

Preordered her just in sake of completing the collection. I don't like her character very much =(

Madoka Kaname

1/8, PVC, Good Smile Company

Покупка: 03 фев 2012, HLJ, 7476¥

Akemi Homura

1/8, PVC, Good Smile Company

Покупка: 29 фев 2012, 7566¥

Tomoe Mami

1/8, PVC, Good Smile Company

Покупка: 01 апр 2012, 7566¥

Sakura Kyouko

1/8, PVC, Good Smile Company

Покупка: 01 сен 2012, HLJ, 6686¥

Ultimate Madoka

1/8, PVC, Good Smile Company

Покупка: 05 фев 2013, AmiAmi, 10960¥

Couldn't do anything with myself. I didn't want to spend them big yen on her, but i have a weakness fot top GSC figures. It is too good for not buying. Far too good.

Kaname Madoka Maiko Ver.

1/8, PVC, Good Smile Company

Покупка: 26 окт 2015, GoodSmile Online Shop, 12080¥

OH. MY. GOD. I wanted her for YEARS now! Immediate preorder!!

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