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Nendoroid Rin Kagamine

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Ridding of My Collection

Hello all, I have some sad yet exciting news! I am selling all of my collection as it sits. I have prices, but if you want to negotiate them with me I may be able to do something for you. If you are interested please drop me a message on here! Unfortunately I only ship to the US unless you can help...

Kirino | | 13 июл 2014

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Год на полочке!

Трям - Здравствуйте! Уже 11 июня?А это значит ,что ровно год назад я создала акк на полочке! Пожалуй покажу все свои приобретения за этот год: Фигурки Печатка На этом моя скромная коллекция закончилась ^^Всем веселого лета! И И , да , у меня уже 12.06 , 2 часа ночи , просто ут...

Akira_ou | | 11 июн 2014

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Oh dear god Why?! -Len

So I'm going to be making up little stories about our two little trouble makers Rin and Len! Please rate on your favorite, I will have 1 per day all this week! At the end the story with the most likes will get an extension on the story! Sunday - How my little sister decided to take us home today.

Kirino | Фигурки и куклы | 27 мая 2013

аватар поста:

My Convention Twins~

"Hey guys! Rin here, my collector Kirino just came back from an anime convention with a few more friends!! I'd love to show you my favorite of them all!!" "Did you know that she got this one just for me? Can you guess who it is? He looks just like me!" "If you gues...

Kirino | Фигурки и куклы | 19 мая 2013

аватар поста:

Sunset Photos

I have been posting a lot lately, but tonight was too pretty to not take a photo school with Rin and Kirino. It was cold, but pretty. I tried my best, but some of them might be crappy >~< don't yell at me! Kirino just looks so warm in this photo I took a lot of her. I also took Rin wi...

Kirino | Фигурки и куклы | 26 апр 2013

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Rin Kagamine Nendoroid

I finally got the chance to tell you all about my new nendoroid. She is a new addition to my family [you can see the rest in the background] Her name is Rin Kagamine, and she has to be the cutest thing on the planet. Rin comes with everything a little diva needs, her microphone, headphones, and an a...

Kirino | Фигурки и куклы | 23 апр 2013

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