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Kurumu Kurono + some flash photos

Kurumu Kurono + some flash photos
25 июл 2012 06:06:02

A while ago I said that I was going to write a blog post about each new figure I received and I failed pretty badly (I haven't wrote about a figure since) But I wanted to make a post on Kurumu because I really Like her.

Kurumu is an excellent figure, I LOVE her sculpt even if it is a bit inaccurate it makes her look sexier and that is all that really matters. The cast off parts are well done too (seam is only visible from a really low angle and almost invisible in person) Although the straps don't really secure very well. Also you can't see them in the photos but there are stars sculpted into the base witch is a cute little touch.


Her paint is really well done as well I particularly like the shading on the white parts of her outfit and the glossy paint used on her shoes. Although it did notice a few minor imperfections when looking over the photographs but these aren't noticeable in person.

She also has a really nice size to her (bolth her overall size and her figure) which is probably due to her being 1/7 scale.

As you can tell I really like her, She is probably one of my favorite figures! You can see the ridiculous amount of pictures I took of her here.

Also recently I was fooling around with my camera a bit and I accidentally turned on the flash (which I normally never use) Even though the shadows are a bit harsh I do really like how crisp they came out. (but that might be because I was using the macro setting) So I guess I'm going to fiddle with my camera a bit more.

Some examples

This last one is annoyingly the slightest bit out of focus.

That's all for now! I'll try my best to make a blog post about this months massive figure order when it arrives.
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Kidzurini (Russia)
25 июл 2012, 08:51:04
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Муги - тян
norfolk_s3d (Russia)
26 июл 2012, 06:17:50
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>and that is all that really matters
But that is

>This last one is annoyingly the slightest bit out of focus.
Screw Mugi, the synthesizer's way better
mu597 (USA)
26 июл 2012, 18:05:04
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Dat Korg!
Morika (Russia)
28 июл 2012, 19:41:30
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So sweeet Kurumu! Omedetto!
mu597 (USA)
28 июл 2012, 22:27:49
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megumi_vocaloid (United Kingdom)
05 авг 2012, 01:50:54
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Great figure, she is really cute~
mu597 (USA)
05 авг 2012, 22:51:46
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