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Natural Disasters & Paranoia

Natural Disasters & Paranoia
18 фев 2011 21:30:43

Where I live, earthquakes have been running rampant for the past few days. For a normally earthquake-free zone, the near 100 we've had lately is a bit unsettling at best. Most are just tiny little Mag 2's, but we've had a few big ones, up to 4.7 so far! And they are gradually getting worse!

While fear for my safety is a given, the relevancy is in the fear for my figures. Last night's 4.7 knocked a few folks over, much to my dismay. It was only my standless ones, like the Revoltech Skeletons and Saber Casual who was bashing away at the Pop n' Music machine. Nonetheless, I panicked and have now packed everyone away. Hopefully everything will settle down soon and I can refill my now barren shelves. :<

How do figure collectors from areas that get regular earthquakes deal with it? I've heard of some sort of 'earthquake resistant shelving' but it's somewhat difficult to come by and I don't really get how it works. What would you guys do in this situation?

To end things on a better note, my Saber Lily figma came in today! Only need Saber Normal and I'll have all the Sabers. <3 Also, the super-glue trick worked wonders against Asuka's hover-boob syndrome and now I don't regret her at all. ^^
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MrsSkeeter (Germany)
18 фев 2011, 21:42:50
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OMG, that's so scary! Unfortunately I can't give you any advice since I've only experienced one earthquake in my whole life - it was 8 years ago in Greece. Moscow is a totally earthquake-free zone... But I hope you (which is most important!) and your figurines are gonna be ok!
Jobibi (USA)
18 фев 2011, 22:12:20
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We've never really had earthquakes before either, so it was quite a surprise. Where we are is on a fault line though, so I'm afraid of what might happen if this continues. :< People say that if the fault line ever goes, the whole state is pretty much sunk. There don't seem to be as many quakes today though, so hopefully this is all dying down?
mu597 (USA)
18 фев 2011, 23:52:54
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I'm not sure what to say about the earthquakes but I hope everything will be ok for you.

And good to hear about the Asuka. I'm curious where did you glue? was it the seam where they separate from her torso?
Jobibi (USA)
19 фев 2011, 00:27:56
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Yeah, just the top part of the boob to the red part around the armpit. It seems like they were supposed to be glued there or something anyways (the fit is perfect), and maybe the factory just screwed up or forgot? Once glued down she looks just as good if not a bit better than the promo pics.

Someone also mentioned using a hair dryer or other heat source and heating them into place, but I'm better with superglue so opted for that instead.
KururuSouchou (USA)
19 фев 2011, 05:12:45
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Y'know, you could pose the standless figures sitting cross-legged, looking panicky. It would make them less likely to fall, and suit the mood...

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