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Nendo-corner: the sad truth :<

Nendo-corner: the sad truth :<
29 дек 2010 18:30:50

So, here we are - Ika Musume would not be released as commercial product - that's why she looks like smth between regular nendo and petit, and that's why there were so many "production leaks" ^__^'

Disappointing but not unexpected news
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mu597 (USA)
29 дек 2010, 18:48:08
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Why must things turn out this way?
AkemiHatiko (Ukraine)
29 дек 2010, 19:23:51
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она такая милая <3
Jobibi (USA)
29 дек 2010, 19:38:33
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Hopefully with all the hype this generated, it will push them into doing it for real? *crossed fingers*

That would also explain why there were two separate sculpts. Guess it's cool for the guy that made them and now owns them, sucks for the rest of us. Also kind of cool for my wallet.
KururuSouchou (USA)
29 дек 2010, 21:54:05
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Figma Mirai was originally an April Fools' joke, but they ended up producing her anyway. Maybe the same will happen with Nendoroid Squid Girl. At any rate, Squid Girl deserves a figure a hell of a lot more than Mirai - at least she has a backstory and a design that isn't just a sailor-fuku with a generic head pasted on top.
Jobibi (USA)
29 дек 2010, 23:58:41
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I like the way you think sir!
Velorn (Russia)
29 дек 2010, 22:20:22
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Пичалька =(
I'm sorry for my bad English xD

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