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Пол: Female
Дата выпуска: 22 мая, 1997
Тип фигурки: Action figure
Материал: marmelade
Размер: 1/1
Рост: 180 см
Кастофф: Yes
Род занятий:
I like singing and I play volleyball pretty good. I'm keen on MC'ing and I write poems or lyrics but unfortunately they are not very good. I'd like to find friends to share poetry with. My dream is to become a rapper. But if like hip hop it doesn't mean that I don't listen to other genres. I also study French and I'd be good to make any French-speaking pals here. And I like anime, manga, figures and Japan~! I have some friends who are in cosplay but I myself am not. So feel free to keep in touch! <3
Любимая игра: mmorpg, portal 2, touhou, minecraft.
Фотоаппарат: sony
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