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Имя персонажа: Lee
Пол: Male
Тип фигурки: Action figure
Материал: Copper wire
Размер: 1/1
Рост: 0 см
Кастофф: Yes
Род занятий:
Engineer, Hobbyist artist
Любимое аниме: Naruto
If someone has the colored Shikamaru Sengoku Swing Collection figurine or knows where to buy it, please tell me!

Would also love to chat with people about Shikamaru figurines in general. Always on the lookout for unique or interesting Shikamaru merch. I have some pieces that I would like help identifying as well if someone would like to reach out to help me! Willing to do some free art for people who help me identify my pieces.

Pieces from Naruto, Madoka Magica, Pokemon, Street Fighter, and Tenchi Muyo that I need help identifying.
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