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Добавлена: 01 мар 2010

figma Billy Herrington Christmas & New Year Ver

PVC, ABS, Max Factory

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Revoltech Menace

PVC, ABS, Kaiyodo

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Earlier today i was taking pictures for what would have been a blog about my completed gold lightan model until this happened. konata's leg snapped off as i was posing her. ;_; However i did fix it with a revoltech joint it's not perfect but it works. Anyway here's the picture Konata b...

mu597 | Фигурки и куклы | 01 мар 2010

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Menace and her new servant go for a ride.

pluvia33 (USA)
01 мар 2010, 07:18:15
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Holy crap! This is amazingly appropriate! Even more so after I googled Billy Herrington to find out who he is, then reading his entire Wiki entry to find out why the hell he has a Figma! XD
I'm just glad I'm not squeamish about such "manliness" or I would have really regretted clicking on Google Images. XP
mu597 (USA)
01 мар 2010, 08:18:37
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Yeah he does go really well with Menace.

Hope i didn't trouble you looking up billy herrington. :D
pluvia33 (USA)
01 мар 2010, 09:03:22
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No, no trouble at all. It actually gave me a good laugh, especially reading about his rise to Japanese internet popularity. And I'm a pretty difficult person to offend thanks to desensitization from exposure to the internet and particular forms of Japanese entertainment. XD
Vallefor (Russia)
01 мар 2010, 09:13:44
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Оцени коммент!
Haha :) I made the same mistake by clicking "Images" in Google xD
MySQL server has gone away
pluvia33 (USA)
01 мар 2010, 09:25:04
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Оцени коммент!
Hahaha! The power of manliness compels you!! XD
Hope it wasn't too hard on you.
(bad pun) =P

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